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slurry pumps  

HDS250_12/10_AHHDS Series heavy-duty slurry pumps   

The HDS series slurry pump is a heavy-duty slurry pump that is designed to handle the most abrasive and dense slurries.  The HDS series slurry pump offers users a wide range of seal and liner configurations, allowing the pump to be fully customised to meet any specific application requirements. HDS series slurry pumps offer unmatched power consumption, long component life, and unmatched reliability. Our many patented features ensure that the HDS series pumps provide the lowest cost per ton-pumped in the business.

As with all of our products, the HDS series slurry pumps have been designed using the latest CFD and engineering software and only the best materials available have been used to ensure we offer the best available performance and reliability under the toughest conditions.  HDS series pumps are interchangeable with the AH series pumps, therefore making your decision to change your old AH series slurry pump for a new HSD slurry pump easy and risk free.

The many features and benefits of the these pumps are, wide variety of materials, wide variety of seal options including an imbedded mechanical seal deign, CFD optimised flow characteristics that ensure optimal performance and energy savings, large diameter shaft with short overhang to minimise shaft deflection and prolong service life, tapered throat bush for ease of maintenance, robust one piece frame design. 

In addition to the HDS Series pumps, we offer, high head and high pressure multi-stage slurry pumps, Froth pumps, Vertical slurry pumps and Flue Gas Desulphurisation pumps. Please contact us for information on this equipment.  

Warman 6/4 AH type pump


Material:                Metal or Rubber
Capacities:           12.6 to 5,000m3/h   
total heads:          10 to 110m
Discharge size:    25 to 450mm
Pressure:              22.20 bar

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Automatic self priming pumps by Global pumps  

Automatic Self Priming pump
GSHAP & GHHAP high pressure pumps 

Global Pump’s HAP (High-pressure Auto Prime) series of pumps are designed to handle large volumes of water at high pressures. The pumps range in sizes from 100mm to 300mm with flows of 170m3/hr to 1,272m3/hr. They are also capable of generating up to 103.63m of total head in the standard line and up to 182m with the hyper head series (GHH). Practical applications include, but are not limited to, dewatering, jetting, fire protection, piling installations, liquid transfer and supply operations.

GStAP & GHtAP series pumps

Trailer_Mounted_Auto_Prime_PumpGlobal™ Pump Trash Auto Prime pumps are specifically designed to effectively handle a wide range of liquids
from water to sewage and sludge that can contain solids and other material. Global Pump Trash Auto Prime pumps
provide a dependable, highly efficient solution in a completely automatic self-priming pump. The standard TAP series pumps have flow capacities from 0 to 2,725 m3/hr and heads from 38.1m to 41.1m. The standard TAP pumps are also available in a high head version that are capable of 70.1m of head.
Made in the USA

sound attenuated pumps
Global Pump’s Sound Attenuated Trash Auto Prime pumps are amongst the quietest available, are ideally suited for applications in residential and other areas where noise reduction is paramount.


custom deigned mine dewatering solutions 

We also offer a complete design and build service to meet your site specific dewatering needs.  Our design and manufacturing team can quickly turn your requirements in to reality. Our products are of the highest quality and  built to withstand the toughest mining environments.  All Global Pump products are manufactured in the USA. Custom Built units are manufactured in Australia using Global Pump's wet ends and components. (Pleas follow the below link to Global Pump's home page to download and view technical data)

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sa series slurry agitators    

Slurry_Aggitatorssa series slurry agitators  

SA Series slurry agitators are widely used in power plant’s, ash slurry tanks in boiler rooms, ash slurry tanks in the pumping station, sintering process, metallurgy, as well as agitation of slurries containing solids and for the oxidation process in sewerage systems. These systems are robust, reliable and economical to operate and are customisable to meet any operating requirements.


Agitation quantity from 500 to 3,600m3/h
Speeds from 235 to 290 rpm
Solids agitation 30mm
Consistency ratio 1:2:5
Wide variety of materials to suit any application

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slurry valves   

Pneumatic knife gate valves electric gate valves manual knife gate slurry valves

                                                        knife gate slurry valves    

TPG offers a quality range of Knife Gate valves that are reliable and very well priced. Our valves are designed to work in the harsh environments of the mining, steel, pulp and paper, power and chemical industries, where slurries with solids, fibre and pulp are being pumped.

Our valves are available in both non-rising (DN100-1600mm) and rising stem design (DN50 – 900mm), with precision cast mono-block solid body, raised face seat with gate guides and jams for positive seating. A wide variety of corrosion and wear resistant materials are available to cater for any applications requirements, including, carbide cemented stainless steels in grades 304, 316, 316L, 2520, WCB and 2Cr13.  

Our seal configuration can be of either rigid or strengthened PTFE materials, which is corrosion and wear resistant and prevents build up of the pumped material. Valve plates have many points of support, are self-aligning, and are resilient to displacement even under extreme backpressure conditions.  Knife gate valve interior deigns can be V shaped, triangular or pentagonal channel to meet specific application flow control requirements.

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